A highly skilled individual who has a proven track record and takes pride in bringing high-quality product quickly to market, enjoys learning and applying new technologies, and thrives in a dynamic engineering-oriented work environment.

Responsible for developing IOS/Android Mobile/Tablet app for our Television Networks. Research new technologies, methodologies, architecture patterns so as to select the correct solution depending on the need. Assess areas of re-use and architect solutions that can be easily integrated across products. Ensure that solutions are architected and implemented to scale. Write logic in the appropriate programming language to meet the functional requirements. Ensure the appropriate test cases are implemented. Ensure proper documentation of code before the code is deployed to production. Provide all required development and operational support to ensure the web site is performing to standards while ensuring stability.

Required Experience:

(1) Developing mobile apps in React Native.

(2) Proficiency in JavaScript and familiarity with common libraries (react, npm)

(3) Hands on React Native experience is highly preferred

(4) Experience with GraphQL API's

(5) Familiarity with cloud services such as AWS