Senior role tailoring training materials and labs to client needs and requirements
• Senior role conducting training sessions
Required Skill & Experience:
• Ability and experience developing and leading development of high quality PCF training materials including:
o Algorithms and data structures training
o Spring cloud training
o Spring data flow training
o PCF training
o DDD / BDD / TDD training
o CI/CD pipeline flow training
• Ability and experience developing and leading development of user lab materials and exercises to augment this PCF training
• Ability and experience leading a training team in the creation of these training materials
• Ability and experience providing knowledge transfer to client internal IT technical training teams
• Ability and experience conducting / leading these training and lab sessions to senior client engineering teams in groups of 12 to 18
• Ability and experience collaborating with other regional training teams on addressing trainee challenges and quickly resolving issues with training materials and labs
• Ability and experience working with client engineering teams to have setup for training labs, installing / configurating the training labs and working with client engineering teams to resolve any lab environment issues identified before or during the training sessions
• Very strong presentation, oral and writing communication skills
• Ability to travel to multiple client sites to conduct 4 weeks and 2 weeks client training sessions during 2018 "